Exhibitors must confirm they acknowledge the Health & Safety Policy Statement of Informa Markets as outlined in the Health & Safety section of the manual and Event Safety Rules outlined in this document. Every exhibitor accepts that it is their legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their own and others’ health and safety are not put at risk by their actions (or in-actions) throughout the tenancy. It is also the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that anyone coming onsite, including temporary staff and sub-contractors have read and understood the Event Safety Rules and are aware of all rules and regulations pertained within this form and the online technical manual.

Please note that Exhibitor indemnity policies do not cover stand contractors, and as such they are required to have adequate insurance cover for the duration of the event. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that any of their appointed contractors and agents have suitable & sufficient cover.

Please ensure you read and understand all the information on this form. Those persons failing to comply with Event safety rules will be sent off site immediately.


All exhibitors and contractors must wear the minimum PPE requirements. This includes; protective footwear and a hi-visibility waistcoat/jacket. Further PPE provision may be required if determined in risk assessment/activity.

All exhibitors and contractors must wear a contractor/exhibitor badge onsite, this is for the entire duration of buildup and breakdown to access the event.
Contractors should have their own first aid box onsite, however First Aid is also available from the venue. You must inform the Organisers and Floor Safety Manager if an accident/incident occurs.
It is possible to use a strip of no more than 0.9 metres in width along the edge of the stand facing the hall aisle for the storage of construction material. Regardless of the width of the hall aisle and the items deposited there, it is mandatory to maintain an unblocked passageway of no less than 1.2 metres in width. Areas in front of emergency exits and areas where hall aisles intersect are the exception: Their entire width must be kept clear at all times. The parking of stand building materials and exhibits on other stand areas other than your own is not allowed.
All work at height will be covered by your company risk assessment. You must use the correct work equipment for the task. Ensure safe means of access and adequate fall arrest equipment is used. Please refer to the Stop the Drop Safety Guidance.
All hazardous chemicals must be contained and stored in accordance to the material safety data sheet and included in your management risk assessment.
Noise must be kept to a minimum so far as reasonably practicable. Ensure ear defenders are worn at all times when appropriate.
Please familiarize yourself with the location of site toilets, catering, and drinking water and smoking areas.
You must keep a tidy site throughout, ensuring all waste materials are removed. You must have appropriate measures in place to ensure there is no buildup of dust. Cutting and sanding tools must have extraction or dust bags fitted. All works and work equipment need to be secured prior to leaving site so should unauthorised access occur, trespassers will not be able to hurt themselves.
There is no vehicle movement inside the halls, unless authorised. All personnel must comply with the following rules inside the hall and along the Lorry-way. Site vehicles must not exceed the speed limit of 5mph. All those who are operating vehicles must be trained and licensed to do so. Never walk behind a reversing vehicle. Never walk under a vehicle (FLT) with a raised load. Keep clear of moving vehicles, if available always use the pedestrian walkways. Only direct site vehicles, if competent to do so. Use sufficient numbers of banksmen to ensure all vehicle movements are made safely. Using mobile phone whilst operating vehicles is not permitted. There will be a large number of large vehicles and heavy plant operating on site thus be aware of your surroundings. Those persons entering the site must take all reasonable precautions to minimize risk.
Ensure all of your equipment is well maintained. Prior checks before use are recommended. All build material should be suitably fire rated and certification made available upon request.
Smoking or the use of E-cigarettes is NOT permitted inside the building or on the Lorry-ways. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas outside the venue.


There will be a Medical Team present at the Exhibition. For any first aid enquiries, please report immediately to the Organiser’s Office.In the case of any emergency, you must follow instructions given by the venue staff. If you have any queries about the emergency procedures or you require special assistance in any of the above circumstances, then please approach a member of staff.

For both safety and security purposes, gangways and fire exits must be kept unobstructed always.

Waste Policy

Informa Markets has a 0% waste tolerance policy. This means you are responsible for removing all stand fitting waste, flooring and any other disregarded materials from your stand both during build up and the breakdown periods. We encourage all contractors and exhibitors to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle as much of your stand fitting materials as possible – any materials found in the halls will be photographed and the relevant exhibitor will be invoiced for the waste accordingly.