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SESSION 8 – Integrated Operations

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SESSION 8 – Integrated Operations

Room 16 09:00 – 10:30 hours

Session Chairperson(s):

Time Paper # Title & Authors
09:00 213412 Technological And Engineering Evolution To Successfully Drill Long And Highly Deviated S-shape Wells
M.Y. Aljuzayri, S. Bansal, D. Ponomareva, N.M. Franco, M. Corona, J. Alvidrez Levario, SLB
09.30 213458 Process Of Releasing A Stuck String Using Static Dissolvable Coating Layers
I.A. ALTHOWIQEB, Saudi Aramco D&WO
10:00 213439 Operational And Logistical Optimizations In Large Offshore Matrix Acid Stimulations
N. Che Jaffar, M. Infra, Saudi Aramco D&WO; R. Bukhamseen, A.A. Jaber, Taqa Sanjel


Time Paper # Title & Authors
213406 Multidiscipline Well Construction Process Integrates Advanced Engineering Design And MSF Technologies To Deliver Arabian Gulf Trilateral Well  
O. Adewuya, M. Alqurashi, Saudi Aramco D&WO; R. Arias Urbina, Saudi Aramco; F. Alodah, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
213435 A Unique Fracturing Solution In Water-sensitive Tight Gas Formations
T. Yu, Y. Cao, Yanchang oil company; M. Li, J. Wang, CoPower; J. Zhang, Y. Liu, Schlumberger; Y. Luo, Dowell Schlumberger West; H. Yang, T. Wang, A. Fendt, L. Peiwu, slb
213413 Exploration And Practice Of Acid Fracturing Technology For Ultra-deep Fault-karst Carbonate Reservoirs
J. Zhou, T. Jiang, Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute Co. LTD; B. Zhao, Sinopec Northwest Oil field Company; J. Feng, T. Du, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC
213447 Magnetic Mud Shielding Effects On Measurement-while-drilling Azimuth Survey Acceptance Tolerance At Low Latitudes: A Case Study, Malaysia
K.H. Kok, Halliburton Malaysia; A. Jen, Halliburton Canada Inc.; P. Tipdontree, Halliburton
213422 Drilling Monitoring System: Mud Motor Condition And Performance Evaluation
A. Koulidis, King Abdullah University of Science & Tech; M.A. AbdulLatif, King Abdullah University of Science and Tech; S. Ahmed, King Abdullah University of Science & Tech
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