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SESSION 78 – Cementing and Zonal Isolation I

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SESSION 78 – Cementing and Zonal Isolation I

Room 5 15:30 – 17:00 hours

Session Chairperson(s): Tiberiu Ioan, SLB; Ayman Almohsin, Saudi Aramco

Time Paper # Title & Authors
15:30 213693 Impact Of Change In Mud Weight & Offset Wells Injection Pressure On Cement Sheath Integrity; Case Study For Uae Offshore Field.
A. Elhassan, K. Andrews, M.S. Abdellatif, A.E. Hamidzada, T. Toki, ADNOC Offshore; P.N. MANGA NDJORE, S. Mohamed, Halliburton
16.00 213673 Multifunctional Cementing Additives, a Way to Improve Rig Time Saving and Annulus Fluid/gas Migration During Cement Placement
F. Frittella, Energy Consulting Services; A.A. Dos Santos, H. Jallad, Nouryon; S.M. HARTANTI, Energy Consulting Services; A. Sundblom, Nouryon
16.30 213676 Cementing Methods When Encountering Wells With High Background Gases
A.K. Alkhuwayr, M. Jezany, Saudi Aramco D&WO; J.M. Shine Jr., Saudi Aramco; E. Kagongo, SLB
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