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Test SESSION 43 – Extreme Drilling Applications

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Test SESSION 43 – Extreme Drilling Applications


Room 4 10:30 – 12:00 Hours

SESSION 43 Extreme Drilling Applications

Session Chairperson(s): Pavel Marinescu, MI Gulf Services and Khalifah M. Amri, Aramco

10:30 204621 A Coupled Model of Temperature and Pressure for Managed Pressure Cementing in Deep-Water Region
X. Wang, F. Hao, B. Sun, Z. Wang, China University of Petroleum
10:50 204887 A Novel and Sustainable Generation of Advanced Mud Gas Logging System for Managed Pressure Drilling Applications: An Explorative Well Deployment from North Germany
D. Marum, A. Cartellieri, D. Scanavino, E. Shahini, Baker Hughes
11:10 204682 First Oman Implementation of Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling Improves Drilling Efficiency and Sustainability
C.E. Orta, Y. Matin, M. Saleh, A. Hadj-moussa, Weatherford; B. Al Gharibi, M. Al Faqih, M. Al Shabibi, A. El Khouly, ARA Petroleum
11:30 204541 A 3d Simulation Technology for the Dynamic Process of Pipe String Tripping in Borehole
Z. Lian, J. Zhang, M. Li, CNPC Engineering Institute
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204660 Quantitative Prediction of Lost Circulation Risk Ahead of Bit Using Noisy or Gate Bayesian Networks and Seismic Data
D. Yuan, B. Lu, C. Wu, Sinopec
204599 Field Application of Reaming-While-Drilling Technology in the Super Deep Composite Anhydrite-Salt Layers of Kuche Mountain Front in Tarim Oilfield
Z. Xu, X. Teng, N. Li, H. Liu, B. Zhou, B. Zou, PetroChina; C. Zhao, Intercontinental Strait Energy Technology; W. Yu, Sim Tech
204550 Breaking ERD Records with Optimized Engineering and Practices: Making the Impossible Possible
H.A. Alzaki, Saudi Aramco; N. Rahmani, Schlumberger; M. Carr, K and M Technology
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