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SESSION 20 – Numerical Modelling and Simulation

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SESSION 20 – Numerical Modelling and Simulation

Room 17 11:00 – 12:30 hours

Session Chairperson(s):

Time Paper # Title & Authors
11:00 213442 Reservoir Simulation Evaluation Of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Strategies In Tayarat Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir.
S. Evro, A. Alshamali, F. AL-Faresi, A. Mishari, N. Al-Ostad, G. Krasnova, L. Hayat, V. Suresh, H.N. Mandani, C. Jimenez, S. Ali, Kuwait Oil Company
11.30 213497 Fracture Characterization And Modeling In Dual Media Systems And Its Impact On Reservoir Connectivity And Well Productivity
A.K. Al Mulhim, M. Alnasser, H. Hamam, M. Maucec, Saudi Aramco
12.00 213457 An Integrated Ensemble Based Prediction Approach To Quantify And Propagate Uncertainties Of Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
M. Abdallah, A.M. Abdel Rahman, Aspentechs


Time Paper # Title & Authors
213387 Pattern Recognition-driven Automatic Drainage Region Mapping To Accelerate Reservoir Simulations 
A.K. Al Shubbar, M. Maucec, B.O. Moriwawon, Saudi Aramco PE&D
213431 An Innovative Approach Of Clustering Multiple Reservoir Model Realizations Using Machine Learning
A.K. Al Shubbar, B.O. Moriwawon, A. Aneddame, Saudi Aramco PE&D
213431 Reliability Study Of Drilling Microchip For Downhole Data Acquisition Subjected To Random Vibration Conditions
S.A. Tella, Sinopec STME; B. Li, Saudi Aramco; S. Li, Sinopec Research Institiute of Petroleum and Engineering; A.S. Aljohar, Saudi Aramco PE&D
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