MEOS GEO is supercharging digital transformation in the oil & gas industry with space for technology providers to showcase the cutting-edge solutions the industry needs to secure the energy demands of tomorrow.

Digitisation and the adoption of 4IR technologies is a key issue confronting oil & gas companies in the region. There is an increased requirement for innovative technology to improve efficiency, increase profitability, enhance safety and minimise carbon emissions.

MEOS GEO will fuel change in the oil & gas industry, and bring technology powerhouses face-to-face with operators, service companies, EPCs, E&P companies, integration solution providers, energy institutes and academics to shape the future.

Saudi Aramco’s Chief Drilling Engineer and MEOS GEO Chair Faisal AlNughaimish discusses the most in-demand technologies in the oil & gas sector.


Big Data & Analytics

Facilitating enhanced reservoir management and production forecasting

AI & Machine Learning

Technologies for more accurate exploration and production, as well as predictive maintenance

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Utilising sensors from oil wells to combine with AI and Big Data to provide valuable insights for better decision making


Training technicians in difficult and complex tasks before implementation

Cloud Computing & 5G

Enabling the effective use of Big Data, AI and IIoT technologies

Drones & Robotics

Allowing safer inspection, leak detection, aerial mapping as well as managing offshore assets and pipelines in remote locations

Blockchain Solutions

Improving data management and eliminating the need for paper-based processes

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