Programme Chair

Ashraf Al-Tahini

Saudi Aramco

Programme Co-Chair

Mohammed Al Duhailan

Saudi Aramco

Programme Co-Chair

Wael Abdallah


Programme Co-Chair

Mohamed Abdulla

Tatweer Petroleum


On behalf of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the Programme Committee, we are delighted to invite you to attend the Middle East Oil, Gas and Geosciences Show that will be held from 19 – 21 February 2023 at the new Exhibition World Bahrain in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This show is built upon the decades old accomplishments of the Middle East Oil & Gas Show (MEOS) and the Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition (GEO), which were enormously successful in providing a venue to share ideas, experiences, and solutions for oil & gas. As our industry thrives on collaboration and integration, merging these two events enables us to capture our industry’s full value chain under one roof. It offers a great opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of technical expertise and innovative solutions across many disciplines.

The world’s transition to more a sustainable energy future will require collective efforts towards major technological advancements, with a focus on delivering affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. The role of our industry is paramount. Our ability to embrace change, innovate and develop breakthrough technologies is the key to meeting the world’s energy needs and in driving the energy transition.

Our greatest opportunities rely on operating in a green and sustainable way, while increasing our operational efficiency. This is where our industry leads the conversation on the carbon footprint of fossil fuels, climate resiliency and net-zero emissions. It is an opportunity for the industry to bring energy sustainably to life.

It has always been the evolution of solutions that have enabled the industry to successfully energise the world. Similar to past historical success, this evolution will be measured across future generations to remain focused on delivering reliable and affordable energy while gaining momentum towards net-zero emissions goals. However, tomorrow starts now!

The MEOS GEO technical programme emphasises the important role of sustainability in all aspects of our business and how it is shaping the future of oil and gas, from discovering and recovering advantaged barrels to expanding into low-carbon business. It also highlights how 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies are optimising the full value chain of the industry.

As collaboration continues to be a key in integrating a wide range of solutions to meet the energy demands, this event provides a unique opportunity to learn, share, and exchange ideas and solutions. We invite you to join our discussion on topics related to sustainability, exploration, reservoir, production, drilling, completion, facilities, 4IR technologies, human resources, health, safety, security, and environment.

We look forward to your participation to share and exchange ideas, and expand our network for the betterment of our industry and the world we live in.t Goes Here