Monday, 20 February 2023, 13:30-15:00





Speakers – panel 4

Alejandro Duran

Baker Hughes

Vice President for Subsurface and Consulting
Saleh Saleh

Saleh Saleh

Saudi Aramco

Vice President, Characterization & Field Development Geosciences
Agnes Boudot

Agnes Boudot


EVP, Global HPC and Cloud Solutions
Speakers – panel 4

John Josephakis


Global VP for HPC Business Development/Sales
Damien Déclat

Damien Déclat

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

General Manager Supercomputing HPC & AI – Europe, Middle East and Africa

Extreme computing plays a leading role in our current energy business. Looking across multiple industries, our business undoubtedly exploits the largest high-performance computing (HPC) capacity. Extreme computational simulations and data analytics enable high productivity by making better use of huge amounts of data. Although computational capability is accelerating, we are all yet to see how extreme its effects on pushing upstream to transform its business model. Therefore, algorithms, relating to Big Data, AI, IoT, HPC and Cloud Computing, performing as fast as possible on the best available hardware will have a direct impact on many of the decisions reshaping our business.

This panel session shall address the value that extreme computational capabilities will bring to move the upstream business towards efficiency, automation, and beyond. The session shall address questions like: How can we make HPC more energy efficient? Which new emerging HPC technologies (e.g., IoT and Cloud Computing) can accelerate the growth of our business? Is it a good idea to combine physics and AI? What are the next generation hardware architectures (e.g., custom chips, and quantum computing) that will fulfill our future business needs? How can we invest in terms of developing new algorithms and porting old ones to reap the most performance from modern hardware?

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