Saudi Arabian Chevron excited to be again participating in MEOS GEO 2023

Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC) is delighted to confirm that it will be a sponsor and participant in the Middle East Oil, Gas and Geosciences Show (MEOS GEO) which will be held in Bahrain (7  – 9 March 2023).

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and Informa Markets unite at MEOS GEO to stage one of the largest and most influential conferences the region has ever witnessed. Attendees include representatives from the energy industry, international energy experts, media and the public.

SAC is delighted to attend again after five years this merged exhibition and conference. The theme of MEOS GEO 2023 is Today’s Realities, Tomorrow’s Energy.

At this year’s event, SAC hopes to use the event to highlight, with its partner Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), that the company safely resumed production operations in the Partitioned Zone onshore field on 1 July 2020 after more than 5 years of shutdown.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity for SAC to showcase the work that took place during the shutdown period. During that time, SAC focused on preservation and preventative maintenance that would ensure its facilities were operating efficiently and safely in preparation for when production came back on stream. Preservation activities consisted of three stages; those are, shutting down facilities, preservation assets and facilities, and the restart up. Moreover, shutdown did not hinder SAC from progressing. In 2016, the company completed a 3-D seismic survey covering the entire onshore Partitioned Zone, in addition to a wide range of training, meetings, workshops, health campaigns, and employees & stakeholders engagement events were conducted. Lastly, SAC will learn more about the new cutting-edge products and innovative solutions on display from other participants.


Lokring Saves Middle East client 4 days!


​A cooler unit on an offshore platform was due to be removed for planned maintenance.​ The lift path of the cooling unit was blocked by a 2” Copper Nickle Deluge line so the client was going to have to move it…​ The deluge line is critical so needs to be reinstated as quickly as possible. When the cooler unit completes maintenance there will be a requirement to move the deluge line again.




The deluge line was cut and 2 x Lokring Copper Nickle Flange connections were installed on to the pipes to create a break point in the line. ​ Lokring flanges require NO HOT WORK and can be installed even with moisture present in the pipe which means no drying required after draining. ​


Saudi NAPESCO Manufacturing to successfully renew their API licenses and remarkably add a new License

Last Month, Feb 2021, with a professional team who is an average of less than six month witin the company, Saudi Napesco has successfully passed its API Audit. This did not only allow for the renewal of our API Q1, API 5CT and API 7-1 licenses but to also remarkably achieve the API 6A license as per auditor recommendation. A new significant addition to the company’s strategic direction towards growth.

This great achievement comes as a tip of an iceberg since a lot of work has been undertaken within less than 3 month , from building up a Design and development department with all procedures and processes, manufacture the targeted products required, getting it verified and validated with the required testing and verification procedures as per API to achieve the successful license attainment. Now Napesco is in the path of entering the Pressure Control service domain to serve its customers better and with a wider range and strengthened capability, local content & in-kingdom manufacturing capabilities.


Saudi Napesco to sign two contracts for Manufacturing and Repair services

Saudi Napesco to Secure two Contracts , one with a major Drilling Company for the provision of Tubular and Hard banding services, and another with a Major Drill bit manufacturer to supply and manufacture the upper Bit shank. This contracts reflects the recognition of these companies from both Drilling and services providers to the capability and trust on NAPESCO to provide such critical services and products.




Emulsion-nano system succeeds field tests


Nanoparticle contained emulsion fluid succeeded field tests in Russia applied for water shut-off and well-kill. The water shut-off fluid showed -6% water cut and +189% oil recovery using acid at an average of 10 carbonate wells. Well-kill fluid could block multi-fractured horizontal well (sand stone) which polymer has failed to do in the past. The advantages of emulsion-nano system are no clogging due to reversibility of blocking effect, high thermal stability over 140 oC, and wettability alteration. The water shut-off fluid also gives a unique property of selectivity which blocks only water zones.




A leading oilfield services provider




COSL (CHINA OILFIELD SERVICES LIMITED) is a leading integrated oilfield services provider in offshore market. COSL’s four main services divisions – Drilling Services, Well Services, Geophysical Services, and Marine and Transportation Services – cover the exploration, development, and production phases of the oil and gas industry.

COSL owns and operates a large drilling fleet comprised of 44 Jack-up rigs and 15 semi-submersible drilling rigs, with operating water depth from 15ft to 10,000ft and drilling depth up to 30,000ft.

COSL has managed and operated sets of land drilling rigs (2000HP) and workover rigs (750 HP and 1000HP), both of which have the drilling capacity at a depth of 10,000 to 20,000 ft.

Through continuous input in technology research and development, advances technological facilities, R&D Centre and an excellent management team, COSL provides comprehensive onshore and offshore well services, including logging, drilling & completion fluids, directional drilling (LWD&RSS), cementing, well completion, well workover, oilfield production optimization, and drilling waste management.

COSL owns and operates the most capable, the largest and the most diverse marine support vessels fleet in China, with over 140 vessels including AHTS vessels, standby vessels, platform supply vessels, multi-purpose vessels and barges. COSL can provide comprehensive support and services, including anchor handling for different water depths, towing of drilling rigs/engineering barges, offshore transportation, standby, firefighting, rescue, oil spill response, for offshore oil and gas exploration, development, construction and oil/gas field production, which can fulfil different needs of clients. At present, COSL has 4 LNG-fuelled AHTS and 8 LNG-fuelled PSVs under construction and is targeting to put the new build into service in the second half of 2021. LNG-fuelled vessels are the combination of both environmentally friendly operation while having its focus on improving fuel economy.

COSL is also the major supplier for China offshore geophysical and surveying services, meanwhile a solid competitor in the worldwide marine seismic market, who is committed to delivering high-quality, efficient and innovative services both locally and globally. COSL offers its customers integrated geophysical and surveying services, including survey design and evaluation, geophysical data acquisition, seismic data processing and interpretation, reservoir study and engineering surveying.

COSL’s high-quality services cover the entire oilfield life cycle and the full value chain of the oilfield service industry, from exploring for oil and gas deposits to collecting and processing geological data to drilling, well completion and to supporting oil and gas production activities, such as offshore marine support. By offering comprehensive services involving the entire oilfield life cycle and the full value chain of the oilfield service industry, COSL is able to provide clients integrated project management service, or IPM service, that packages and customizes the various services and products to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Based on 40 years offshore experience, COSL have provided offshore drilling services, and drilling rig management services to various international clients in most of the major oilfield areas of the world, including the Far East, the South East Asia, the Middle East, West Africa, Europe and America, covering about 30 countries, such as Saudi, Indonesia, Oman, Nigeria, Norway, Mexico, etc. Our clients extend up to major IOCs and NOCs of the industry, such as Shell, BP, Husky, Chevron, Statoil, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, Petronas Carigali, PEMEX, PTTEP, Daewoo, Rosneft, Gazprom, and Santos, etc.



Understanding reservoir fluids: A cost effective alternative





Geolog offers a comprehensive array of technologies at the rig site, able to analyse a wide molecular spectrum from C1 through to C35, looking at both mud gas and cuttings to enable fuller understanding of the hydrocarbons in place in near real time without requiring formation fluid sampling.

Geolog’s G8 service analyses heavy gasses in the range C6 to C8 directly from the mud system, allowing previously unseen components between conventional mud gas chromatography and formation fluid samples to be incorporated into assessments of the reservoir.

The patented G9+ system extends this compositional analysis to C35, using a unique thermal desorption process to allow the analysis of long chain hydrocarbons, enabling reservoir fluid fingerprinting to be performed at the rigsite utilising available cuttings.

In addition, Geolog has pioneered rigsite technology to go beyond standard molecular compositional analysis, with the patented GeoIsotopes uniquely capable of providing continuous measurements of stable carbon isotope ratios in C1, C2 and C3. This advance has opened a new realm of data, promoting a deeper understanding of oil and gas fields, reservoir compartmentalisation, source rock correlation, reservoir maturity and the differences between reservoir oils and their source rocks.

Thanks to combination of these technologies, Geolog has developed wide experience of data integration and prediction of oil and gas properties, including Oil density, GOR, CGR.

As these technologies deliver continues measurements, the oil and gas properties identified can be integrated with reservoir modelling for multiple purposes: geometry of GOC and OWC, oil property mapping, vertical oil density gradients, etc. The data also allows the interpretation of which factors are most impacting the oil and its quality variations: biodegradation, maturity, water washing, evaporative fraction etc.  helping to make the best decision for field development in a timely fashion.

The methods are applicable from exploration to development phases, with experienced operators able to adapt acquisition and instrumentation to the individual challenges faced; balancing resolution against more detailed molecular information to obtain the best possible datasets capable of being imported into reservoir modelling software alongside more conventional petrophysical data.